NHS Sheffield

Visiting our hospitals

NO visiting unless in exceptional circumstances

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing we are not allowing any visiting in our hospitals unless in exceptional circumstances. This is to protect you, our patients and staff.

What are the exceptional circumstances?

Exceptional circumstances include visiting patients at end of life, your baby on the Neonatal ward or accompanying a woman in labour. If you think you have a different exceptional circumstance, please discuss this with the nurse in charge of the ward over the phone.

What about having someone with me for an outpatient appointment?

Please come alone to outpatient appointments, antenatal appointments/scans or procedures unless you need assistance

What about birth partners and visitors once my baby is born?

Only birth partners are allowed to accompany women in labour and there is no visiting by anyone else after the birth.

What about visiting on the Neonatal Unit?

One parent at a time is allowed to attend the Neonatal Unit. No other visitors are allowed.

Where do the visiting rules apply?

The new rules for inpatient visiting and outpatients apply to the Northern General Hospital, Hallamshire Hospital, Weston Park Hospital, Jessop Wing and Charles Clifford Dental Hospital as well as community health buildings, including the Stroke Pathway Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre (SPARC), run by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

What will happen if I am allowed to visit?

This leaflet explains what will happen when you visit.

Download our leaflet

Helping you keep in touch with your loved ones in hospital

We understand this is a difficult situation and you want to be close to your loved ones when they are in hospital therefore anyone who wishes to communicate with their relative via an alternative method, such as mobile phone/face time/Skype is welcome to do so. We have free internet access across the Trust for patients to use. We have also provided phones and ipads on all wards for patients to use if the patient doesn’t have their own device.


To send a message to a loved one or friend in hospital please email sth.keepingintouch@nhs.net. The inbox will be checked seven days a week and any messages and photos will be printed and delivered to the patient within 24 hours.

Relatives can send a message to a loved one or friend in all critical care areas at both the Northern General and Royal Hallamshire hospitals by sending an email to criticalcareflt@nhs.net. The inbox will be checked Monday to Friday 0800hrs to 1700hr messages and photos will be printed and delivered to the patient.

Wards included are:

  • Neuro critical care at the Hallamshire Hospital
  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at the Northern General Hospital
  • High Dependency Unit at the Northern General Hospital
  • General intensive care unit at the Northern General and Hallamshire Hospitals

Quaran Cubes:

Quaran cubes can be also be requested by relatives if they feel this would be helpful by speaking to ward staff. 

Thank you for helping to protect our patients and staff.

To request an update on patients during this time of limited visiting, please call 0114 2267167. This must be done by the patients next of kin, or one other identified relative. The nursing team will then call the relative back the same day with an update on their loved ones condition and this person can then act as the main contact to share this with any wider family. The relative support line is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm and is available for patients with or without COVID-19. The only exception for this is patients on critical care where we ask that relatives continue to liaise with critical care staff for any updates.