Urgent and Emergency Care

We are still open for urgent care so please don’t be put off seeking help in an emergency or leave your symptoms unchecked.

If you are suffering with symptoms which require urgent attention, such as chest pain, slurred speech or losing consciousness, we would much rather you take action straight away. This will allow us to provide the right treatment or do the right checks in a timely way. Taking action can not only save your life, it can prevent full blown life threatening scenarios like a severe stroke, sepsis or heart attack when you experience warning signs.

You do not need to be worried about adding to our workload or being at increased risk of contracting Coronavirus. We have taken all the appropriate precautions to treat you as safely as possible so please let us see you if you need us.

Often you may need advice or treatment within 24 hours but do NOT need to go to the Accident & Emergency department. Using other services instead of A&E can often help you get the advice and/or treatment you need quicker. The website below gives you all the information you need at this time.

Go to Urgent care website