Research opportunities

We are taking part in a number of research studies to develop understanding of COVID-19 and progress the development of possible future treatments for the virus.

The projects are aimed at understanding the basic biology of the coronavirus, its symptoms, and future potential treatments.

As well as undertaking research trials, the teams involved are using observational studies and data to track and understand the behaviour of the virus, with further research projects being established.

Participation in these studies, which take place under carefully controlled conditions, gives patients the opportunity to contribute to research which has the potential to benefit not only the care of people locally, but also provide vitally important information both nationally and internationally.

To contribute to the COVID-19 research activity we now have running in the Trust, please email to get information on what trials are available to your patients and to discuss how to recruit patients to these treatment trials. Further information on COVID-19 research at STH can also be found on the Clinical Research & Innovation Office website.