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Antenatal appointments

Attending your antenatal appointments either with your Community Midwife or at the Jessop Wing Antenatal Clinic is really important to ensure your personalised plan of care is followed. If you need urgent help or advice it is also important that you contact us to discuss your pregnancy concerns.

We have measures in place to protect you from coming into contact with Coronavirus which includes coming to your appointments, including your scans, alone.

If you have symptoms of a high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell, a cough and new shortness of breath or are in self-isolation due to a family member being symptomatic of Covid-19 please contact us before coming to your antenatal appointment on 0114 2268091.

Visiting and birth partners update 28 September 2020

We are aware of the unhappiness of women and their families regarding the current restrictions in place at the Jessop Wing and the fact that they have not been lifted yet like in some other maternity units  We also wish we were in different circumstances because we understand how special the arrival of a baby is for couples and their wider family. These are the reasons why in Sheffield we have not changed the restrictions yet.

Unlike some areas of the UK, Sheffield is seeing a continued rise in cases of COVID-19 both in the community and also hospital admissions. Due to this we simply don’t feel we can take the risk of bringing mums, their babies and indeed our staff into potential contact with the virus whilst it is increasing. We also know now that more people with the virus are not showing any visible symptoms and so unwittingly could be bringing the virus into the maternity unit, which is something none of us want.  We have over 6,500 pregnancies at Jessops and so just by adding a partner to scan appointments means a significant increase in people coming through the unit where mums and babies are being cared for. Add to this social distancing requirements and we risk not being able to offer the care needed in the safest way possible.  The safety of women and babies has to be our first priority and this is the reason we still have the restrictions in place. We are trying to allow as much as we can safely including:

  • Allowing partners to be present during labour and after the birth of the baby.
  • Partners are also allowed in theatre if that is where the birth will take place. 
  • Visiting is not allowed on the antenatal and postnatal wards unless in exceptional circumstances. Please speak to the midwife in charge of the ward before visiting if you think there are exceptional circumstances.
  • A partner is also able to attend to support a mother experiencing emotionally distressing situations.

We will continue to review the situation but safety will always to be the priority and we would ask people to be kind to our midwives and other staff who are simply trying to do the right thing for everyone concerned so that babies are born as safely as possible in these unprecedented times.

Breastfeeding Support

Even in these more difficult times we are continuing  to provide all the usual help and support for breastfeeding mothers’.

Babies rely on their parents for protection and breastfeeding not only provides food, comfort and security, breast milk also contains substances that help fight infections and boost a baby’s immune system. Protecting our health during this pandemic has become a priority for us all and there is currently no evidence that the Covid-19 virus is carried in breast milk or can be passed on in breast milk.

During pregnancy, mothers can discuss their thoughts about feeding with their midwife during antenatal appointments, and once the baby is born mothers will continue to be supported at every step of the way. This will include supporting mother’s to hold their baby in skin to skin contact which will trigger the baby’s natural instincts to find the breast and have the first breast feed.

More mothers are now considering breastfeeding or giving the first few breast feeds to provide valuable protection and support for their baby’s immune system. During the pandemic some mothers have chosen to give their breast milk in a bottle instead of formula milk. Whatever your decision is, we will be there to support you.  

Community midwives will contact mothers by telephone, and support mothers and babies face to face at Family Centres around the city and in the mothers’ home. They give the same support as the maternity service has always provided, with the only difference being that they will be wearing protective clothing (PPE) when seeing women face to face. The community midwife will continue to support breastfeeding until transferring the mother and baby to the health visitor at around 10 days after the birth.

There is also on-going support from the Local Authority Infant Feeding Peer Supporters via telephone or video call and all mothers will be given the usual telephone numbers for emergencies or extra support for the duration of breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding groups are currently suspended across the city, mothers can access mother to mother support via the Breastfeeding in Sheffield website and Facebook groups

Stop smoking support

There’s never been a more important time to look after your lung health.

Pregnant women are at risk of serious illness from coronavirus. Pregnancy can change how your body handles viral infections, like COVID-19, and insome cases, these infections can be worse in pregnant women. Smoking increases the risk even further. Emerging evidence suggests smokers.

who catch COVID-19 are more likely to get severe disease and need intensive care than non-smokers.

If you want support to give up smoking this leaflet provides more information and contact details to get help you.

Download our leaflet

Jessop Fertility services

We are so happy to be able to let you know that we are now able to reopen most of our routine services. We do appreciate your patience and understanding and hope that you will bear with us while we work our hardest to bring you in for your treatment as soon as we can. If you’re already a patient at Jessop Fertility and you haven’t heard from us yet please ring us on 0114 2268050 to make an appointment. If you’ve been referred to us during or since our service was suspended then we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

As always, if you would like emotional support then please ring us on 0114 2268050 to make a telephone appointment with one of our specialist counsellors.

Frequently asked questions

We have a Frequently Asked Questions section on our website which may provide the information you need.

Please also visit for all national changes regarding COVID-19 and maternity.  

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Open afternoons

At the present time it is not practical due to social distancing to hold our popular open afternoons. We hope to restart them soon and in the meantime we are exploring some online chat options. We will annouce further details of when these may be able to take place shortly.

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