Drive Through blood test service

We want to ensure social distancing is practised wherever possible and so we have set up a new ‘drive through’ blood testing service at the Sheffield Arena.

If you need a blood test, you will be contacted by us or your GP and given the choice of driving to the FlyDSA Arena car park where a large marquee has been set up. When it is your turn, you or the person who drives you will drive into the marquee and be met by a specialist team to have your details checked and test requirements identified. Your samples will then be taken from the safety of your vehicle and once finished you can drive away. The results of the tests, once analysed, will be available to our clinicians or your GP.

For patients who cannot use the drive through service, we will continue to provide blood tests at the Hallamshire and Northern General Hospitals but with additional measures in place to limit the risk of transmission of infection.

Please click here to download our leaflet on how to use the Drive Through blood testing service